Lately, I have simply been overwhelmed and fatigued. Demands, resigning from one job and beginning a new one, tending to the kids and trying to fit “me” time in has taking its toil. And the holidays seemed to have added to it. I stopped beating myself up about the idea that “all” of my days would be sweet because I know that they won’t. I am human; I will have bad days. Some days, I find myself wishing that all of the angels in Heaven would come down and just help me! Lately, I have noticed that many offer their suggestions and opinions to make my load lighter. These people provide the tools for the kitchen but don’t invite themselves to come and help cook (if you get what I am saying). They don’t know how it is standing in my shoes. We live in a world where we cannot confide in many for they do hopscotch and double dutch when they find out you aren’t in high spirit.

When I awoke this morning, I was cranky and frustrated. My toddler didn’t sleep well nor did I. I got up and literally wanted to get back in bed. Immediately, I began to think, “Nobody knows what I truly deal with and nobody cares.”Instantly, I became more irritated not realizing that Satan was somewhere smiling. On my way to work, two words came to mind – “But God.” I knew as always, God was trying to break through to me. I let these two words fall into my spirit easing my frustration. Although I still felt irritated, I heard, “It is going to get better.” Nobody knows my overwhelming feeling right now BUT GOD does. Nobody knows how tired I am right now BUT GOD does. Nobody may care how I feel right now BUT GOD does. So right now, there may not be much I can do to really ease the stress of all that is on my plate BUT GOD can. I hold fast to that. -S.L.M.



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