It has been awhile since I have written poetry of some kind

So today I am giving it a shot in an effort to ease my mind.

This morning as I drove to work, I noticed the sun shining intensely

I felt as though through the sun God was smiling right at me.

Warmth suddenly took over my body from head to toe

That’s a beautiful feeling that anyone would love to know.

I kind of smiled to myself as I thought of all I am going through

Because I thought of how God’s love for me is so faithful and true.

That is when I realized that God is bigger than any struggle I face

Having faith in His works simply gives my patience a sweeter taste.

When harm draws near, I can feel His protection sprang up for me

And in times of sadness, I can feel His comfort and love so deeply.

For so long, I searched the world for an obliging and indulgent friend

And all along, God was here and will be here until the very end.

– Written By Stacy L. Montgomery –




Lately, I have actually had the nerve to say, “I don’t have many friends” or “I don’t have anyone to really confide in when I hurt.” For the last past couple of months, I find myself saying these two statements a lot. As humans, many of us are programmed to vent when we hurt and to seek earthly comfort when we feel alone. I can surely testify to that. I noticed that, when it comes to me, it seems like the need to want to vent comes early in the morning and/or late at night. These are the times when it seems that no earthly soul is present. Then, there are the times when someone may be available, but they just can’t seem to grasp what you are feeling. I have discovered that it is in “these” moments where God desires for us to reach out to Him. What I seek in others is already in the Lord plus even more. He is the BEST FRIEND I can ever have. I have realized that I can pour out my pain and my tears to THE ONE who can actually do something about them. He doesn’t just hear my problems but He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. God is by my side ALWAYS.  I am now embracing these moments with God. These moments empty me of any sorrow, fear or doubts that I may be possess. These moments with God fill me with His love and His comfort. These moments give to me what I have tended to look for in others. No one can fill me like God can. So when I tend to hurt, want to vent and begin to feel alone…I remember Psalm 34:18-19, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a broken spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him from them all.” These words, alone, fill me up and makes me realize that when I do feel alone or feel the need to talk to someone, God is the ONLY friend I need – THE ONE who makes a way when I think there is no way. –S.L.M.

Best friend


Good morning Father. Good morning Jesus. Good morning Holy Spirit. I take a moment to pray for the person who is reading this right now. I pray You touch them deeply in their soul and let them know that You are in control. Everything is going to be alright. I ask that You establish Your Kingdom in their lives and bring divine order where there’s been confusion and chaos. As they humble themselves and submit to Your will, I pray You will take Your rightful place on the throne of their hearts. Help them take their rightful place in being seated in heavenly places with Christ. Help them put the enemy under their feet and walk in their spiritual authority in Christ. I pray that You supernaturally strengthen their heart. You are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that they can ask or think. Help them believe. Not only are You able, but You are willing. So willing. Help them get to know You better and get to know Your character. You said, they that do know their God will be strong and do great exploits. Oh God, deepen their understanding. Help them not to live their faith in their mind, but from a real relationship with You in their heart. I pray for true conversion of their soul. You promise as we seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness, You will add to us and enrich our lives. You will always do Your part, help them to do theirs. I pray You lift every burden and destroy every stronghold off of them. Deliver and heal, God. Anything that is preventing them from seeing You clearly, remove it. You know everything they are facing in their private lives and You have not, and will not, abandon them. If You allowed them to face a test or trial, it is because You will be glorified in the end. Breathe on them a fresh wind and fill them with anticipation of You. Be glorified in their life in a great way. I pray this with all of my heart and I thank You in advance for answering this prayer. In the name of Jesus, enough. AMEN. (Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals)



There will be those mornings or days when irritation sort of what’s to take over. When you lack sleep or rest, irritation just may have a better chance at taking over. It creeps up on you when get weary and everything or everybody simply irritates you. You may sometimes get to the point of just wanting to go somewhere by yourself just to be alone. If we have kids, time to ourselves can be impossible. If we have full-time jobs, time to ourselves can be impossible. On some days, we are just going to have to MAKE time to just “breathe” a little. We have the power to control any emotion that builds up inside of us. Some of us fail to practice control; others may do well at it. In these moments, we can’t lash out on others when we are irritated. Some people don’t even realize you are irritated until you snap at them. Then again, if you have the look that can kill one hundred people, then maybe they will not to even approach you. If you detect that you are bothered, MAKE some time to just take some deep breaths, meditate or pray before you communicate with your spouse/mate and your children or  before you respond to a phone call/text. Some of us wake up feeling irritated and fail to give our irritation to God. We go to work with it and when dealing with others, when tend to come off very harsh. It’s okay to be irritated but it’s not okay when you speak bleakly towards others. It is not their fault. We have control of our own annoyance. Irritation is something we must learn to deal with God’s way. Yes, it is a major push to be kind when we are irritated but God wants us to be kind anyway. Yes, it is a major push to smile when we are irritated but we should smile anyway. When you make the effort to push and do these GOOD things, God will meet us and give us the strength and the peace we need to make it through the day. Our lives can be so overwhelming at times but we can expect the “best” in every day when we give God our very “best” effort in making it as such. Be Encouraged.Kind


Wouldn’t it be something if the heart, the eyes, the mouth and the actions were all best friends and operated in one accord? If the heart is good and full of love, how do you think the eyes, the mouth and the actions will function? I would say they ALL would function in love, wouldn’t you? Sometimes, our hearts can be filled with love but the eyes can see the worst in something or someone. Sometimes, we can see the good in something or someone but our mouths speak horribly about that thing or someone. Things are just not in accord as they should be. We all know that God wants us to function in love at all times. We may never be perfect but practice will make us all better. Sometimes, we all have to train our eyes to see the best, speak kindness and do well to everyone and everything. Of course, it will not be easy but the effort and deeds of it all will be worth it. I am sure that God agrees. We just really have to make sure that our hearts are clean and that are hearts mean good. Whatever is in our hearts, will eventually pour out. Luke 6:45 (NIV) states, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”  -S.L.M.

Clean Heart


When medication is simply not enough, I now know that prayer and rest is the best antidote for the pressure of migraine headaches. One had me in a headlock this morning and it felt as though my entire body was going for paralysis. But I stayed in the fighting ring with much prayer. When the throbbing hit, I prayed, when it hit harder, I prayed harder. At one time, I had to drop down to my knees because of the pain but that was an awesome position to be in to pray anyways. And then, mom who could hear the pain in my voice because she is MOM, called. I didn’t talk but a minute or two and told her I wanted to lay down because I was in pain. Nearly an hour later, I awoke to her face in my room with her old remedies and some better meds. What a comfort that was and all who knows her knows that it takes A LOT to make my mom travel out of Marion! That power in that prayer brought my mother to me! She probably thought she would walk into a house of dissaray but she didn’t. Somewhere in the midst of all the pain, God gave me enough strength to maintain home plus it is instilled in me by my mom. And I have two little helpers who were on point last night and have been on point today in helping around the house and helping to take care of their little sister. Now my mom is out running errands for me while I rest since I can feel some relief now. Maybe she will cook when she gets back! I may have to move her into my room! -S.L.M.



I am always praying for strength each and everyday. Some days, it just seems as though strength does not favor me. But what I have come to realize is that each morning, when I get out of bed, that is strength. Getting myself ready for work, that is strength. Getting the kids prepared for school, that is strength.  The ability to perform my daily tasks even when weariness sets in, that is strength. Pushing to be involved in all school functions for my children, that is strength. And being able to pray all during the day, that is strength. So when I look at it closely, my strength weighs me down daily BUT I am thankful that is enough to get me through each day! -S.L.M.


I was talking to my  mate this morning and he spoke words of comfort that got me through this day. The words were, “Don’t worry. We will get through this.” He, too, has been undergoing changes in the work field just as I have. My mate is much stronger than I am when it comes to the pressures of life. He can push them off just as fast as they hit him. I was telling him how things are going to be in bind financially with me switching jobs plus missed time from my old job due to the holidays. As a mother, that really has begun to worry me. I wanted a break from the worrying! I had been considering seeking a little relief from a little alcohol but every time that notion hits, something intervenes. God placed it on my heart that alcohol can make my issues seem nonexistent for a little while but once I sober up, the issues will be staring right in my face.  So I resorted to prayer and meditation instead.

On yesterday, I was talking about how it seemed that no one cared BUT GOD. When I woke up this morning, still a little irritated, my mate was telling me not to worry and all would be okay. It felt as though God was speaking to me through him. I felt a major piece of relief as I unfolded all of the demands that were on my plate to my mate. I felt an even bigger piece of relief as he assured we would climb this mountain together. I am so thankful that God sent that relief to me. With the way I have been feeling lately, I would have listened to a wino off of the streets if he offered some type of relief! We never know how God will send us help or how He will comfort us. But what we need to know is that when we call on Him, He will come to our rescue. As I push through this week, I am also pushing through the temptation of resorting to a quick fix of my issues and the temptation to lose focus. But I will continue to call on God and have faith that He will continue to work things out for my good. He comforted me through my mate this morning and I know that He will continue to do so as I remember His promises. I am His child and He doesn’t want me to falter. God is working it out. -S.L.M.