I normally don’t keep a lot of company and to certain extent, I think that is a good thing. However, I had a friend to stop by this weekend just to talk about some things on a spiritual level. When it comes to God, I am all for the conversation regardless of who it may be. I don’t know what kind of storm another individual may be in the midst of. God moves differently in people’s lives. They may be a sinner but who am I to judge because I am not perfect. Talking about God is free to all no matter who you are, what you are going through or have been through or what others may think of you.

With that being said, the young lady that stopped by my home was filled with God’s spirit. We recalled a situation as to where she was in predicament that involved another lady always asking for her help and pretty much, using her for everything. I spoke up and said, “That is why I detach myself from a lot of people. “ My friend kindly looked at me and said, “Stacy, I don’t worry about detaching myself from people. God has placed it in my heart to help people regardless and to be there for them regardless. He made my heart strong like that. So I don’t worry about avoiding or detaching myself from people. My light shines for all and if it is too bright for some and they choose to hide from it, then so be it. But My God has designed me to help and be a light for others in spite of.”

After she spoke those words, a warm smile came over my face and I felt it in my heart. I couldn’t argue with that. She had just demonstrated a character of God. We, as humans, can be so greedy in this life. Some of us are even greedy with our prayers. But God is so patient and loving towards us. Time and time again, we mess up but He never leaves us. We, at times, may leave Him but He never leaves us. After my friend left, I had stood corrected. I had voiced so much about avoiding others in love and simply gained more insight on feeling that way.

In conclusion, many of us are gifted with the light that shines brightly within us. This light helps and encourages others. This light causes us to have a strong heart – one that can endure a lot. This light shines so steadfast in the character of God until one can withstand anything. Some people are simply gifted like that. I made a vow this weekend to do my best in letting “my little light shine.” I desire to possess a strong heart. I desire to get as close to that as I can possibly get. I know that others have the motive of using me but I want my little light to shine in such a way that their motives will be blinded by my goodness. I felt that God was speaking to me through my friend.



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