Many of us confront those times in our life where difficulty seems to be at height. We may be at a place that makes us uncomfortable. We may be at a place that is robbing us of peace. We may be at a place where “trying to fit in” is simply not working. Well, I have to come to realize that God places us in these places for a reason. We may not want to look at it that way but it is true. We may be in an uncomfortable place so that we can learn to be adaptable. We may be in a place that is not of peace so that we learn to have peace in the midst of turmoil or frustration. We may be at a place of trying to fit in so that we can learn how to make the things work for us. We may be at these places so that we can learn to know God in such a way that He can help us to better our situations. To be completely positive about being in situations such as these, just know that God has bigger blessings for us and maybe….just maybe being in these situations is preparing us for those BIGGER blessings. After all, God gives THE BEST to those who can handle THE BEST.  –S.L.M.     #finallybrokeawaytohearGodspeak



An Abundance

“To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.” (NLT) -Matthew 25:29

Are you spending each day utilizing your God given talents? If not, think about doing things that take advantage of your special talents and then put a lot of muscle behind it. When we make wise choices and use our talents to the fullest extent, success follows.


I can remember living many of my days “on the edge”. Although this can go both ways – good and bad, I definitely lived the “bad” version of it. I was always putting myself in predicaments that would cause me harm and the sad thing about it is, deep down I knew the decisions I made would land me in harm. I would make careless decisions and I lived life carelessly. I simply had a crooked walk and when things got really bad, I just held my head down in shame. I basically set myself of for many of downfalls. And trust me, I use to hit my head really hard at times. I knew what was right but my actions proved otherwise; therefore, it was just in my heart to live life on the edge the bad way. Now, I do believe that there is a way to live life on the edge a good way. Visualize yourself being up high in the air and having to walk on the edge of building (let’s say it is mandatory that you have to do this). When you are walking on the edge of the building, you know you have to maintain a balance to keep from falling. You have to make sure that your walk doesn’t stagger. And most, importantly, you shouldn’t look back nor down; you stay focused ahead. Although this may be a drastic metaphor for living life “on the edge”, I would like to unravel the meaning into our Christian walk of life. When we make the choice to live life as Christ wants us to, we must do all that is necessary to maintain a walk that is pleasing to Christ. We can’t stagger back and forth between trying to do good and going back to do what is bad. If we do so, we will fall. We can’t look back to our pasts – one filled with so much temptation and pain. So living life “on the edge” can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. It all depends on us. Is your living “on the edge” good or bad?