We spend a lot of our time listening to the advice and the opinions of others. We listen to others telling us what we should do, what we should say and where we should go. Yes, everyone has their opinions and we all have to right to express our opinions. But I have to tell you that when it comes to YOUR life, everybody’s advice may not be right for you. Every opinion people express towards your life does not bring positivity to your life. Many people give you advice and share opinions based on THEM. Newsflash: What didn’t work for them just may work for you or what did work for them just may not work for you. It’s your life and you must seek God to make the necessary decisions in life towards it. The Bible contains the best advice one could ever look for. Of course, we have some earthly friends who are awesome and of course, we thank God for them. Yet, the fact still remains – the Bible simply contains the best advice of all…..the Word of God. Be aware of those who give you advice that you know deep down is not right…it is not decent. Remember the saying that “misery loves company”? Indeed, it does. So be careful. When you are seeking God daily, He will instill in you the discernment to know if that person is a vessel from Him or not. This is why we MUST stay close to the Lord. He protects each one of us. It’s your life – allow God to help you live it. Depend on God. Listen to God. He will never fail you. Be Blessed. –S.L.M.



2 thoughts on “IT’S YOUR LIFE

  1. Yes, I agree for the most part but the quote doesn’t seem to be in agreement with what you wrote. It sounds very defensive and there are a lot of “I”s. As believers in Christ, we really aren’t free to like what we like, do what we want. It really isn’t our life. You are so right when you say the Bible contains the best advice but very seldom is the word “I” used nor are we encouraged to “do our thing”. In fact, the Bible is full of stories of those who’ve done just and have met some violent ends. Anyway, I like what you wrote but felt the quote was out of sync with your overall message. God bless and I hope your day is going well.


    • Thank you, Rebecca, for calling that to my attention! I normally write first and find a picture quote to reflect my thoughts. Often times, I check behind myself for I normally post everything at work on my computer. But since the software on my computer is out of date, I had to do it on my phone. And my picture quote didn’t save correctly and my phone is so small! LOL! I hardly ever go back to my site to view it unless someone comments and I get a notification. I couldn’t remember which picture quote I was trying to save so I found another one because you are correct – THE ONE THAT WAS CHOSEN DID NOT REFLECT WHAT I WROTE AT ALL! Please go back and view the one I chose. I went back this time and made sure that it posted correctly! Thank you for being such a great follower and may God bless you!

      On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 11:48 AM, SPIRIT-FILLED REFLECTIONS wrote:



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