I thought it would be interesting to compare a football game to the life situations we have to face each day. We all set goals. In football the goal is to score a touchdown. In life we have smaller goals. There is the goal to complete our high school education. We think that when we do that we will be set for life. But when we reach that goal, we realize that just having a high school diploma isn’t always enough to get a good job. Then we set a new goal of going to college, and getting a degree. This goal is much harder. It takes at least four years of total dedication to learning everything you can in the field you have chosen, and figuring out how to finance the cost. When we near the end of our college days, the goals are unclear, because the job market is not very rosy right now. In a football game this would be the fourth quarter with less than two minutes to go, and a tied ball game. You have to get the first down to keep the ball. Your goal is to accomplish that by going for it on fourth down and inches to go.

In life we face adversity like that everyday. We are at fourth and inches away of accomplishing something we have worked very hard on. This is where God comes into our “game.” He is our coach. He will guide us and help us make the right decisions to make those inches for getting to our goal. Never underestimate the power of prayer, even in the everyday small things like simple goals. God will answer your prayer if you seek His help. The answer may not be what you feel is what you wanted, but all coaches make tough decisions that many of the team members may question.

Listen to God, and He will help you climb over, around, and under any walls you face when you are trying to reach your goal.

Remember: You are never alone. You are never forsaken. You are never unloved. And above all…never, ever, give up!

-Doug Bolton



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