When you have been released from the prison of turmoil and moved in with peace, your life can function at its best. At least, my life does. It is not perfect but I have some peace in my mind. Actually, I have become quite overprotective of my peace. I am careful of how I present myself in front of others. I am careful of who I allow to get my close to me. I am careful of even the things I watch on TV and the music I listen to. I am simply careful. At work, I do as such – I work. I laugh and try to make the best of each day. Some days are harder than others but I do my best in making it the best. Attitudes do rise up and all coworkers sometimes have one. I have learned that it is best to simply stay prayed up. Pray that you don’t retaliate against the attitude and pray for them. At home, I indulge myself in my children. I ensure homework is done and make it a little fun, I involve them in cooking dinner at times and we watch movies together. Yes, I miss out on a lot “adult” shows but that is fine with me because I have grown to love watching the kiddie shows with my children. Sometimes, they get so tickled at things and that brightens the light of my soul. In my relationship, I definitely weed out any drama. No hearsay for me at all. What God wants me to know, He will show it to me. By the time people tell you things about your mate, there will be too many lies that really don’t add up. You will be broke up, shook up and teared up for no reason at all. Yes, there are times that things may be true but forgive me….. I would rather for God to show it to me. I don’t question anything He shows or tells me. This is how I protect my peace. I don’t want anybody or anything coming around trying to strip it away from me. It took me a very long time to get to this peaceful place and I call this place my home and I am overprotective of my home! Turmoil is like a thief in both the day and night time. I make sure my mind and my heart stays locked in God. If my mind and heart aren’t right, then nothing else will be right in my life. So yes, I am VERY OVERPROTECTIVE of my peace. IT MEANS TOO MUCH TO ME! –S.L.M.

May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. (2 Thes 3:16)






4 thoughts on “PROTECTING MY PEACE

  1. Very interesting insights you have shared. Thank you.

    When I hear “protecting my peace” for some reason the first image in my mind was of a wall or fortress places around peace. But in another sense, a prison. I wonder, does protecting one’s peace also withhold it from freely being unleashed into the places where it perhaps is most needed?

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    • Hi, Jack. You have brought up a very interesting question! I guess I could have been more specific, huh? With God’s help, we should be able to discern when to protect our peace and when to unleash it. There are just some vicious areas in life where we simply have to protect our peace. Turmoil can come at us like fierce wind trying to blow us out of proportion. Then there are those moments in life, where God place us around those who need encouragement….those who need peace…I think these are the times when it is okay to unleash the peace and spread it to someone who needs it.

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