Single parenting – it keeps me strong. It keeps me going when I want to quit. My kids are my everything. We still have our ups and downs but THEY ARE MY EVERYTHING. Demands hit really hard this time of year when school is about to start again. School clothes/uniforms and shoes… supplies….school fees…..keeping the bills at home paid…and of course, maintaining my sanity are all priorities on my list. This year, I had to be smart and make it official to start early. I know the “tax-free” shopping weekend is popular but for me, coupons and starting early worked better for me! Coupons…YES! I love them and thank God for coupons! School starts back August 14 and the kids are near completion with the biggest needs out of the way. If it were not for Our Precious God above, I would be a basket case! I would literally be functioning at the lowest capacity in life when it comes to the needs of my children. But because of God, I can provide for them. I can meet their needs. And I can’t thank Him enough. God comes through even when stress and worry tends to creep in. Each day I put forward an effort to diminish stress and worry for I know that God will always make a way for both me and my children.


single parent


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