Many of us are guilty of getting anxious from time to time trying to write our own stories in life. We want that job that God DOESN’T have for us. We want that mate that God DOESN’T have for us.  We want that car note or house note that God DOESN”T want us to have right now. Just because He doesn’t have that in the story of our life right now, DOESN’T mean that we will never get a happy ending; it means that God will give us the best if we wait. When we rush into things without His guidance, it normally ends in catastrophe. God knows what we need and when we need it. If things aren’t going right at that job, in that relationship or in your finances, perhaps God is telling you that it is time to LET GO and LET HIM. It may not look like we will end up on top but with faith, all things are possible.




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