I am trying my best to live a life that is free from a lot of unpleasant things and people. I am doing my best in not letting things bring me down, not letting people bring me down and shaking things off that simply don’t matter. I am a daughter of the HIGHEST and I deserve the BEST regardless of what ANYONE says. I am doing my best in life not to take any more excuses from anyone that includes family and friends. I am doing my best to not stand around allow situations and people to “take” my goodness away from me. And I try to do my very, very best in trying not to be offended by what others say. But the other night, I was told to stop putting God in everything. WHAT? EXCUSE ME? I have made it this far because of GOD. What I have now is because of GOD. My kids’ and I possess good health because of GOD. I live because of GOD. HOW CAN I NOT PUT GOD IN EVERYTHING??? I will put GOD in everything I do and say. HE is my strength; not man. I will speak of Him every day because HE is the inspiration that keeps me going. He is the SMILE I wear. He helps to keep me focused. So yes! I will talk of HIM every day and say the exact same thing about HIM every day! If that is what it takes to keep me on the right path then so be it! I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I still make mistakes. I am simply a great work in progress. I have to keep myself saturated in any positivity I can find because sometimes, situations and people WILL TRY YOU TO THE FULLEST! When someone tells me to stop putting God in everything, that is a slap in the face! Just to keep it honest and real, it is because of GOD that they didn’t get slapped when they said it! But I will continue to remember who I am and keep my eyes fixated on GOD. I have expressed so many times that I am not 100% perfection but it is quite evident that a majority of people will never understand. The specks they have in their own eye is what they see when they look at you. Rather you do right or do wrong, the devil will always try to use people and situations to get to you. I choose to be on the right side where GOD is. When I do make mistakes or fall short, HE never leaves me alone. GOD stays right by my side and helps me to get back on track. Some people here on earth will leave you, mock you and slander your name. I am thankful there is GOD. As far as others, I will continue to pray for them as always and avoid in love. And to add the topping on this, I AM STILL GOING TO PUT GOD IN EVERYTHING I DO AND SAY.

 “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” – Proverbs 3:6





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