I can only imagine how uniquely trained athletes have to be to jump over a hurdle. I have seen them do it on television and it looks like it takes much strength, determination and focus. Those hurdles appear to be so high! The obstacles and difficulties in our lives are hurdles. We have to develop the strength, determination and focus to jump over them. The hurdles are not permanent; they are only temporary. This is how we gain strength – from learning how to get over things. Things can be obstacles….people can be obstacles…anything that is preventing us to get to where we need to be is an obstacle. In order to get where we need to be in life, where we need to be in God, and where we need to be for ourselves, we have to learn to jump over these hurdles. If your strength is not where it should be, I hear that God is an excellent TRAINER. Just call 1-800-SEEKHIM!!

Phillippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”




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