Have you ever dealt with individuals who are “full of themselves”? Everything that they say or do is about THEM. They are constantly putting themselves ON TOP. These individuals find flaws in everything and everyone else around them. Little do they know, they are only showing what is going wrong with them. People like this have the tell-tale signs of being envious, being hurt or being displeased with themselves. They love attention from the world. They try to place themselves on a higher level thinking it will cover up the flaws in which they possess. Now placing yourself on a higher level is a good thing but when you place yourself on a higher level and bring your “crooked ways” with you – that is definitely not a good thing. During the process of these people picking flaws out in others, they fail to realize that the flaws that are picking out actually belong to them. Believe it or not, these people actually see the good in you and that is where the envy kicks in. They are actually snatching your “good” stuff and pouring it into themselves mixing it with their “bad” stuff. And they become so “full of themselves” until THEY don’t even know if they are going, coming, staying or leaving! Their bad stuff simply don’t mix well with your good stuff! These individuals are inconsistent. One day, they want to be friends and the next day you see them, they turn their heads. One day, they love you and then the next day, they act as though they hate you. One day, they lend the helping hand with a smile then the next day, they are ignoring your calls and texts. If we had to depend on CERTAIN PEOPLE in this world, I’m sorry, but we would all be in a near death situation. People who are full of themselves will suck you into their life of conceit and cause you to become frustrated. They will have you being happy one minute and the next minute, you will be like “Uhh, what just happened?” These people can’t see anyone but themselves. This is when you need to step back and see YOURSELF and your worth. Just give them silence mixed in with prayer. And of course, we have to place them in the hands of God. Full people are too much for anyone to handle especially if you are trying to stay on the straight and narrow path. These people will have you veering off of the road hitting trees and flipping over! So of course, they need to be handed over to someone who can handle them and that is THE LORD. Don’t allow those who are full of themselves to pick your flaws and beat you upside the head with them. Don’t allow them to make you feel “small” and beneath them. Don’t allow them to empty you of your goodness. As I said earlier, just hand them over to the Lord and pray that God will reveal who they are to THEM. Stay full of your good stuff.

Romans 12:3 For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.” (NLT)




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