I am not a scientist nor have I ever really enjoyed science; however, when I did participate in science discussions in the past, I grew a fascination for “The North Star”.  Although, it really isn’t the brightest star, to many it appears to be. There are actually other stars that are brighter. The North Star also possesses the name “Polaris.” It is said that that the axis of the earth is nearly pointed right at it and this is why it is so important. The North Star has one position which is, of course, in the north. This star does not rise or set. It can be easily found year round.

With this being said I went into meditation and discovered that THE LORD is my “North Star.” For many, “The North Star” acts as a point of direction. Well, the Lord is my direction. In this journey of life, we need to have a good sense of direction. That direction should come from the Lord. He never slumbers nor does He fail us.  He is always there…year round.  He always guides us to the place where we need to be in life. When life gets dark, all we have to do is look UP to Him. The Lord will take us by the hand and lead us to where we need to go. I often find myself wishing I had all of the answers to life, all of the right places to go, all of the right things to do and say but I don’t. I wasn’t created to know. Neither of us was. I do know that if we all confide in the Lord, He will direct our paths. Spiritually, one may not know how to find their “North Star,” but all that one has to do is just look UP because the Lord is OUR GUIDING STAR in life. Be Blessed.

 Isaiah 58:11 “The Lord will guide me continually.”




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