Have you ever been surrounded by so much selfishness and turmoil that it literally tries to overtake you and you find yourself ALMOST letting it? I think, at some point, many of us have experienced it. When you are trying to do right in life, it seems like everything and everyone comes up against you in such an irritating and negative manner. There is a benefit in knowing the Word of God in times like these. There is a benefit in knowing Our Father. Sometimes, I find myself running to Him. Most days, I run to Him giving praise; other days, I may run to Him in tears. He is MY REFUGE especially I the midst of turmoil. When turmoil lingers, we have to make the decision to remain strong in the midst of it or simply walk away from it. Me? Right now I have to remain strong in the midst of it although it gets really tough. Many people don’t understand that when you get into your zone, you simply want to be LEFT ALONE in your zone. I don’t care anymore to hold unnecessary conversations with “wolves” and I don’t care to mingle with “wolves.” I do pray for them but for the sake of my own protection and attempts to live right, I don’t care to be around the “wolf pack.” I have come too far and I simply can’t afford for anything or anyone to take me down. God has taken care of me in so many ways and He is still taking care of me. I just want to stay focused on Him and not turmoil.

If we entertain the things and people that are not of God….the things that are turmoil….eventually it all tries to consume us. Eventually, it tries to take over our mind. We shouldn’t want that and I definitely don’t want or need it in my life. Sometimes, when I get overwhelmed, I have to just stop and allow the Holy Spirit to bring great things to memory. Sometimes, I just pick up the phone and call my children or my parents just to hear their voice. Sometimes, I pick up the phone and call my mate who encourages me to the fullest; at times, he calls first, as if he could already detect the stress. If I have to function in the midst of turmoil, I will definitely be in my zone with the Holy Spirit to help me maintain; but if it not mandatory me to be in the midst of turmoil, I will do any and every thing I possibly can to avoid it. As far as me… I know, in my heart, that God has no problem with this as long as keep praying for others. We can pray and stay away at the same time. Be Blessed.




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