Last night, I dreamed of jogging on one of the back roads in Marion. I felt something watching me and turned to my right to see eyes that shined like diamonds following me. I stopped and out came a grey wolf I could feel fear coming up on me. The wolf circled around me two times. The first time it circles around me with its head down. The second time it circles around me it stops right in front of me, holds it head up and looks me right in the eyes. Its eyes were the color red and the wolf stares me right in the eyes! Fear, all of a sudden, left me and I stared at it right back in the eyes! Then, slowly, the wolf puts its head back down and slowly walks and gets right behind me. I sort of peak over my right shoulder and see that it is poised right behind me with its head down. So, I turn around and start back jogging only to realize that the wolf was jogging along behind me.

God speaks to us in a variety of ways as I have said many times before. I felt that God wanted to me share this. In fact, I know He did. I don’t know what or who I am about to confront but I DO KNOW that God am allowed me to see WHO I AM AND WHO I BELONG TO in this dream. The eyes that shined first like diamonds represents to BEAUTY AND GOODNESS I now see. The wolf represents a HUMAN. The red eyes represent SOME FORM OF EVIL SPIRIT at work inside of a human or some kind of circumstance. The wolf holding its head down represents SUBMISSIVENESS. I feel that some kind of ungodly confrontation is about to take place in my life but whatever it may be, I will be able to stand and look at evil in the eye with righteousness from my own eyes. The wolf getting behind me represents that GOODNESS in me. Goodness comes from the Lord and when it comes to the Lord, evil doesn’t take the lead. Antwain Braggs – a great friend and powerful man of God- posted a quote awhile back that said, “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.” I couldn’t agree more! May this dream inspire those who confront unkind spirits everyday. Be Blessed. (S.L.M.)

Romans 12:21 “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”






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