I never thought I would I would ever have five children! But here I am at age 35 with five inspirations. When I was in high school, I had the dream of finishing college, marrying a wonderful and handsome man, living in a big house with the white picket fence, having two kids and some kind of pet. Well, my fairy tale did not come true! I took a whole different avenue! God allowed me to bump my head several times and He never left me although I felt He did. I have made horrible decisions as a young mother but I have always provided for my children and sacrificed for my children. I still do and I forever will. I received so much criticism for being a young mother of five from elders and from the guys. The elders said it was “shameful” while guys though I was a “freak.” I am just going to keep it real because that was what they saw. BUT GOD! My family is blessed. I hold my head up high. What these critical people don’t see is…..that I have two wonderful parents who have helped me from day one….my oldest son (18) has never been to jail or been in any kind of major trouble and will graduate on Friday, May 16th of this year….my oldest daughter (16) went through a trying time previously but did a major turnaround and is now a 4.0 student taking college prep classes….my middle daughter (9) is extremely intelligent and indulges in reading and writing… youngest son (6) is also very intelligent but has his moments of hyperactivity….then there is my nineteen month old baby girl – a child I was blessed with after having my tubes tied, clipped and cauterized – she is also a very intelligent child and is extremely attached to me! They are all intelligent, healthy and respectful. They also have other grandparents who helps with them tremendously. So as a single mom with God’s help, I think I am doing fairly well. Not every day is great but both my children and I make it through. We have our good times and our bad times. They know that I am and will always be there for them in spite of any disagreement we may have. Some days I want to go crawl up under a rock to get peace but as a mother, I had to realize that my children are MY responsibility. I don’t depend on others to take care of my children. I depend on GOD. It doesn’t matter what others think of my situation because they don’t know and I am not obligated to explain to them. I am grateful for my children and I am honored to be their mother. If it is God’s will, I plan to be sitting on one of their porches watching my grandchildren and great grandchildren play in the yard. After all, I will have five houses to go to instead of the nursing home! (S.L.M.)

single mom




  1. Loving the last sentence. The same way you feel responsible towards your kids, is the same way God feels about you. I’m glad you’ve come to realize that you couldn’t have raised your jewels by yourself. God continue to strengthen you and preserve you.


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