Someone asked me the other day about how did my first book sell and that I should consider taking my writing higher so that I could become “rich!” Well, that statement let me know two things: (1) That individual more than likely thinks I am “poor” and (2) That individual doesn’t know who My Father is or know that I am already “rich”. I chose Amazon to publish my books because it is easy and simple. They mostly do all of the work for me only they keep much of the royalty. That is fine with me until God says it is time for me to move to a more prestigious publisher. Many of my other writings are posted on my blog @ WordPress and on Facebook.  If my writing never puts a penny into my pocket, that is alright with me. What matters to me is that others read it and are encouraged by it. That is what God wants right now; therefore, that is what I will do. When and if God decides to take me higher with it, I will fly towards that goal. If He doesn’t, I will still continue to do what I do right now. I don’t want to be like the “rich fool” in Luke 12:13-21. God blessed him materially but instead of using this blessing to further the will of God, he indulged in focusing on more wealth for himself. God had already blessed him with barns that housed his crops and goods but he decided to build even larger barns. Shortly after, the man died. He wasn’t able to enjoy anything and someone else would come along and enjoy all of that. I choose NOT to be that way. God has given me the gift of writing and all that I need to accomplish to bless others through this gift. He has given me ten fingers that work, experiences that taught me lessons and wisdom to put the lessons I learned into writing. I came out of a very DARK and COLD place in life so if I can help bring another individual out with encouragement, I will do so with all that God has blessed me with. So in my eyes, I am rich but definitely not a fool.  (S.L.M)

Proverbs 11:24 “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.”




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