The shoes of change – once as a view from me that was simply no fashion or fit. I would come close to putting them on but would come to realize the shoes of change just weren’t my style. Yet, one gets fed up with the “old” stuff. One gets fed up with being used by people. One gets fed up with the drama. One gets fed up with dealing with their own immaturity. One gets tired of a broken heart. The shoes of change can represent any area of our lives where someone is fed up. And while one is getting fed up, life is happening. While life is happening, change is also occurring. There are times when God changes our situations; but there also other times when our situation remains the same but it is our hearts that need the change. It is the mind that need to be renewed. These shoes of change that concerns hearts and minds can be a difficult transition but one should at least try them on. It’s up to that person’s will to put on the shoes of change and walk in them assertively. With change, maturity and strength comes. Change can be rough in the beginning; but with God by your side, the ending is one of pure elation. Now that I am staring at my shoes of change, I think that they look really good on me! Thank You, Lord!!!! Be Encouraged.

Old You or New You


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