It touches my heart when I see fathers spending time with their sons and daughters. I see them picking up their little ones from daycare. I see them attempting to shop in the stores with their little ones. It makes my heart smile but at the same time my heart aches because I don’t have that right now. The only parent my children have is me. I am the one dropping off and picking up from daycare. I am the one shopping with them and trying to keep them acting civilized. I am the one who is on a budget because I have to make sure their needs are met first. It gets so hard. Some days positivity walks out of the door. Some days I just cry. Even at night I long for a companion to hold me and tell me its okay. So I guess to sum things up, I long for a helpmate – not a part-time help mate but a lifetime helpmate. I can hear God telling me that my time is coming; right now is not the time. So I have to perservere. The only reliable help I have is God. He provides in ways I never imagined. I am reminded that although it hurts at times, God is with me. When I go to the daycare, He is with me. When I am shopping, He is with me. When the kids are in an uproar and my strength as a woman fails, He is with me. At night when I long for that earthly companion, He is with me. As a single parent, I will continue to perservere. I may still cry, my heart may ache and I may just want to scream into a pillow….but I will perservere. God is preparing my help mate just as He is preparing me. I have faith that the man God has for me is on the way. One day, He will bring us together as one.


Stacy L. Montgomery



  1. I don’t know what you go through each day. I cannot imagine having to face the challenges of parenting without my spouse, but you do. May God grant you grace to stand in the gap for your children.
    A Servant


    • Thank you. It gets very difficult. So difficult. At times rest is an unknown stranger. But somehow…some way, God gets me through it. Words of encouragement from Christians such as yourself helps me get through as well. Be blessed.


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