How many of you gas your cars up on Sunday to start up the workweek? By Wednesday, your car may be running low so you refill your tank and it possibly takes you to that next Sunday? Being that I live close to my job and the daycare, this is how the schedule runs for my car. I was thinking this morning that this is the same thing I need to apply to my life. On Sundays, we are filled with the Word of God. We leave church high on the Lord feeling as though we can go anywhere and conquer anything. Then, by Wednesday, we begin to feel the fatigue and/or frustration. Sometimes, it is hard to cross over that hump day! Around here, many churches have Bible Class on Wednesdays. I use to attend but with my work schedule it has become a difficult task. By Wednesdays, the devil tries me and I need a refill of the Lord so I can make it through the remainder of the week. So right now, I am trying to come up with a plan so I can make it to that 5:30 p.m. Bible Class on Wednesdays. I don’t want my strength or my faith to run empty. I NEED THAT REFILL! Don’t you?




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