Perhaps I have just gotten older or perhaps it is just the GOD in me but I have developed detachment with my cellphone. My cellphone use to be one that seemed to be a magnet to drama rather it was a call or a text message. Unfortunately, I was a great entertainer of drama BUT GOD! Now that I have had a taste of God’s peace, I just want to be left alone. If it is not of importance and not pertaining to my children, I really don’t have time for it. With being a full-time single mom, having a full-time job and writing for the Lord, I just don’t have time for any nuisance that a cellphone may bring. If a text comes across pertaining to the Lord, it does catch my eye. I love reading anything pertaining to the Lord. It’s soothing to me. Lately, I have been getting, “Stacy, you never text back or you never call back.” Well, it’s not that I am acting “atypical” or being “disrespectful”….it’s that I am simply more in tune with communicating with the Lord. The Lord is definitely one call I don’t ever want to miss again! His messages are ones that I stay eager to read.

I use to be the one telling others that they need to answer their phone and respond to my text messages. I don’t know what they were doing that prompted them to ignore the calls and texts but I do know I use to be very immature when it came to those things. I use to get on my own nerves so I know I got on the nerves of others! Now the tables have turned and I don’t have time for nerve-wracking calls and texts so yes….I will ignore them. It’s amazing how God has made me see how I use to be through the experiences that confront me today. Although I don’t know what occupied the time of others when I demanded the calls and texts but I do know what occupies my time and it is the Lord. I have become so indulged in His Word until I have become deaf to any type of drama or any activity that makes me feel uncomfortable. Many people have gotten away from calling you just to see how you are doing or to see if you need anything. They are now drawn more to telling you the business of others or trying to manipulate you in some kind of manner. I will confess that I do not want any part of that. At one time, I found myself praying over my cellphone. Some thought it was irrational but I certainly didn’t. All I knew is that I was trying to change my life and since I needed a cellphone for the kids’ sake, I would pray over it. God removed that drama from coming through my phone. I just have to be persistent with my prayers and pray over my cellphone each day if and when I get a call or text.

Awhile back I had started using my cellphone at church to access the Bible and at night, I would use it to read scriptures and other daily inspirations. As I made my way to change, I found that it was just something about having the actual BIBLE in my hands rather than use my cellphone. There was something about have daily inspirational books on my desk at work rather than use my cellphones (cellphones aren’t allowed out at my workplace anyway). Now everything that works for me doesn’t work for the next person. Not everybody faces the same issues as I have and still do. For me, detaching myself from be obsessed with worldly connection and attaching myself to spiritual connection works for me. With my spiritual connection, my call never drops and the Lord always answers. With my spiritual connection, I don’t have to worry about getting my payment in on time before the disconnect date because Jesus paid the price a long time ago when He died on the cross. With my spiritual connection, the Lord, Himself, teaches me the way of righteousness which is far more than what the worldly connection taught me.

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which You do not know.”




  1. I am an IT Director and have been in the industry many years. Let me say a cell is a ball and chain. In my case it can go off 24×7, that’s part of the job. One day, retirement or the Lord’s return, I will break the chain and good luck finding me.


    • LOL! Unfortunately it hasn’t been ball and chain for me. I deal with the negative side of it..I think. In occupations such as yours I can understand the benefits of it. That’s why I say what works for me may not work for others. I, on the other hand, am a country gal who works as an Admin Tech in a medical office. My need for it is just not high. I come from a dramatic past and the cellphone played a major part of it. God rescued from that past. So other than emergencies and things involving my children, the cellphone (for me) isn’t a necessity. But with your occupation, I completely understand! Be blessed, my friend. On Mar 17, 2014 5:30 PM, “SPIRIT-FILLED REFLECTIONS” wrote:



      • My staff is aware of this, I go AWOL sometimes and turn it off. Believe it or not a Sheriff’s deputy was actually dispatched to my house once to get me to call in. I am really thankful for my employment but everyone needs to unplug sometimes and tune in to the pure majesty of God. I really liked the post. Bless you my sister in Christ.


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