Things don’t just happen, things happen just. Every single person is called upon to make a change in the plans that they may have held previously. No ones plan is perfect except for God’s plans, and if we are going to ever make the life that we are supposed to make in this world, then it is best for us to get used to change.

Continue to evolve; sometimes you have to make yourself do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Many great people dedicate the time to become great at a craft, and then continue to push forward towards new heights, and make changes in their lives that normal people will look at them with doubt and a level of craziness if they dont. The thing that separates that once normal person from that person he or she may become when they become greater is this willingness and drive to keep evolving, to keep growing, and to keep becoming better than they are at the present moment.

By J. Johnson



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