Does anyone have stress on the job? Can I get a “YES” in the East??? A “YES” in the West??? A “YES” in the North??? And a “YES in the South??? What makes matters worse is when you have stress at home and stress on the job! It seems like you can get a little peace at least at one of these places! I have tried many techniques to ease stress on the job and of course, nothing works like taking the Lord with you to work or embracing the reality that He is already there when you get there. You can become overwhelmed by trying to do “so much” and at times, with “little” resources. You can become frustrated with trying to do multiple tasks to satisfy multiple demands in multiple areas. You can become irritated with coworkers, managers and supervisors because after all, everybody just will not see eye to eye at all times.

I, myself, was thinking this morning that I needed to come up with a PERMANENT vision to keep myself focus….to keep myself encouraged…..to keep myself from being overwhelmed by all of the stress. God gave me the vision of seeing HIM as MY BOSS and of course, I am HIS employee. His salary to me involves LIFE and ABUNDANT BLESSINGS. When this vision came to me, I said, “Thank you, Lord.” It made my heart smile and the burdened of being stressed is lifting minute by minute. So fellow friends, I go to work every day for the Lord in the form of every aspect. He repays me every second with life and with blessings. I am alive and have my health. My children are alive and have their health as well. I am blessed in many ways. When I think of the blessings God pours out to me each day, my eyes steer away from the stress on the job and look up towards Heaven to focus on Him. He is definitely the sun on those dark days. His promises are definitely the rainbow after the rain. His Word is definitely comfort when we need it most.

God is the greatest BOSS that any one of us can ever have. It’s the job of a lifetime! He gives us what we need, when we need it and how we need it. It’s a salary that is well worth the work. So if you are consumed with stress on job, TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THE STRESS AND FOCUS ON A BOSS WHO IS THE BEST! And that BOSS is the Lord!

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”



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