When I was a teenager, I didn’t really grab a hold to the “right” things that my mother was always trying to instill into me. At some point, I think my mother had to just place me in God’s hands and just allow me to bump my head. I made the good grades, I behaved in school but I was as sneaky as a ghost. If something I had done flared up, I would do my best to lie my way out of it feeling that my parents would take my side because I always showed them the “good girl” side of me and not the “bad girl.” If they only knew how I behaved when I was with my friends trying to behave….if they only knew the horrific words I spoke when I wasn’t around them…but they didn’t until God brought it to the light. After all, all that is done in the dark comes to the light. I look back at those moments and am so embarrassed but at the same time I am thankful because I learned great lessons. And now I have teenagers and LORD, HELP ME!

What my teens don’t know and realize is that I have been there! They say they realize but they don’t really acknowledge that truth. I know what they are capable of when they are not around me. I know how they act when they are not around me. I know a lie is coming before their mouths opens up. I know the schemes that they plot and the veil they try to place over my eyes. I know….I know…I know….. But because I have been there and because I watched how my parents prayed for me and never gave up on me, I pray continuously for my children. I can tell them the right direction to take but they may choose to follow another. This is where I truly cry out to God and ask Him to pray circles of protection around my children. I pray that He grants them wisdom, courage and the push to want better in this life. Instead of yelling and losing my cool like I use to, I place them in God’s hands every minute of each day. I place myself in God’s hands so that He can do an awesome work in me. I want to be a great role model for all of my children….a respectful and loving woman of God. I want to walk, talk, dress and act as such. I want to live in such a positive way that the positivity has no choice but to pour out onto my children. So each day and every day,  especially when they choose a direction that is wrong, I will continue to place both myself and them in the hands of God. He is a Miracle Worker. He Has already performed many miracles in my life. I have faith that He will be performing even greater miracles in the lives of my children.

My Children


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