Ostracism – the dreadful the feeling of being excluded, being shunned, and being rejected. I have been there so many times before and I am still there today. I question myself over and over again as to why. I do have flaws but overall, I am not a horrible individual. I have good motives and using people to get what I want is simply not in my character. I find myself, at times, running myself ragged trying to prove that to others only to get the door of ostracism slammed in my face. I confide in loved ones only to discover that later I am ostracized by them as well. It hurts deeply when you want to belong in a certain place but there is just no room for you. People seem to look over over you. You feel the sting of rejection and neglect. I came to work burdened today by the feeling of ostracism. As I was searching for inspiration on the web, I came across an article on the topic today by Roger Williams. There was a part of it that really comforted me and gave me understanding and confirmation. It stated, “God uses the pain of ostracism to strip us from all reliance upon all other people. Whether this be in the home, at work, reliance upon bosses, work mates, fellow Christians, ministers, pastors, elders, prime ministers, presidents, kings, queens, state & federal governments – everything. Yes, we are to love them, honor them, obey them, co-operate with them, pray for them and assist them. But, we are not to rely on them for our spiritual, mental, moral or physical well-being. We are not to rely on them for our job security, financial security or any other form of security. God alone is to be our Source in all things. If we don’t experience the pain of ostracism in this we will never experience this truth (Williams, 2010).”

After I read this, confirmation came as a shining light in front of me. I shouldn’t rely on others for happiness. I shouldn’t rely on them for anything. People can let me down at any given time. God wants me to rely on Him at all times. It is God who will provide my needs, my wants and my desires. After all, God knows what I want, need and desire before I even ask. God keeps His promises and never breaks His promises; man will and can. I must practice relying on God each and every day of my life and refrain from relying on others. I must practice keeping God as my Source in all things each and every day. If today I fail at doing so, I will try again until I get it right.

Luke 6:22 (NIV) “Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.”

Williams, Roger (2010, November 8). Free From The Pain of Ostracism. [Web Blog Post]. Retrieved March 4, 2014, from http://realityrevelations.com/2010/11/08/free-from-the-pain-of-ostracism/.




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