There is this older lady who always seems to keep a smile on her face;
Her words always have such a sweet and encouraging taste.
She is a beautiful lady and Angel Love is her name;
Her mannerism can be defined as calm and tamed.
Every day, it seemed that she kept an abundant amount of joy in her heart;
She holds a godly love within her that will never depart.
People were confused about her good character because of what they knew;
How could she possess so much joy after all of the tragedy she had gone through?
It seemed as though death and catastrophe hit her all in one year;
How could this lady be happy and not shed one little tear?
One June, her husband died of brain cancer all so suddenly;
Her only two sons died in a car accident within the next two weeks.
That July, she was laid off from a job where she had been employed 20 years;
That August, she lost all of her possessions in a house fire but her joy never disappeared.
She had to live in a shelter for some time and wouldn’t take much help from anyone;
During the time of all of this tragedy, she carried happiness that weighed a ton.
Even the people in her church didn’t understand that joy of hers which held such a shine;
She was always found helping and giving to others time after time.
Now she lives in a big beautiful home with 4 adopted children;
She is often seen fellowshipping with her adopted ones, church members and friends.
I ran into her a little while ago and found myself gazing at her love that was so bright;
In my eyes, above her head, it appeared to be a halo of shining light.
I couldn’t help but to walk over and say, “Mrs. Love, I have a question for you”-
With a smile, she responds, “Well, my dear, I have an answer for you, too.”
I asked, “With the tragedy you’ve faced, what is this happiness that everyone sees?” –
Mrs. Love replies, “My dear child, I live by continuously praying standing up as well as kneeling down on my knees.”

A strong woman


Knock, knock…the world is at my door…
The world is a stranger and I don’t want that company no more.

Knock, knock…the sound is getting more and more loud…
If I open the door, in comes a chaotic crowd.

Knock, knock…why can’t they just go away?
I have no ungodliness acts to give or words to say.

Knock, knock….okay, this is starting to bother me…
The change I have made – can’t they see?

What is this I more knocks anymore?
God says “no” because I answered your door.


Stacy L. Montgomery


It touches my heart when I see fathers spending time with their sons and daughters. I see them picking up their little ones from daycare. I see them attempting to shop in the stores with their little ones. It makes my heart smile but at the same time my heart aches because I don’t have that right now. The only parent my children have is me. I am the one dropping off and picking up from daycare. I am the one shopping with them and trying to keep them acting civilized. I am the one who is on a budget because I have to make sure their needs are met first. It gets so hard. Some days positivity walks out of the door. Some days I just cry. Even at night I long for a companion to hold me and tell me its okay. So I guess to sum things up, I long for a helpmate – not a part-time help mate but a lifetime helpmate. I can hear God telling me that my time is coming; right now is not the time. So I have to perservere. The only reliable help I have is God. He provides in ways I never imagined. I am reminded that although it hurts at times, God is with me. When I go to the daycare, He is with me. When I am shopping, He is with me. When the kids are in an uproar and my strength as a woman fails, He is with me. At night when I long for that earthly companion, He is with me. As a single parent, I will continue to perservere. I may still cry, my heart may ache and I may just want to scream into a pillow….but I will perservere. God is preparing my help mate just as He is preparing me. I have faith that the man God has for me is on the way. One day, He will bring us together as one.


Stacy L. Montgomery


How many of you gas your cars up on Sunday to start up the workweek? By Wednesday, your car may be running low so you refill your tank and it possibly takes you to that next Sunday? Being that I live close to my job and the daycare, this is how the schedule runs for my car. I was thinking this morning that this is the same thing I need to apply to my life. On Sundays, we are filled with the Word of God. We leave church high on the Lord feeling as though we can go anywhere and conquer anything. Then, by Wednesday, we begin to feel the fatigue and/or frustration. Sometimes, it is hard to cross over that hump day! Around here, many churches have Bible Class on Wednesdays. I use to attend but with my work schedule it has become a difficult task. By Wednesdays, the devil tries me and I need a refill of the Lord so I can make it through the remainder of the week. So right now, I am trying to come up with a plan so I can make it to that 5:30 p.m. Bible Class on Wednesdays. I don’t want my strength or my faith to run empty. I NEED THAT REFILL! Don’t you?




I have been writing since my childhood years. It has advanced year by year. When I hit my 20s, experience took me on a roller coaster ride. It has been the ride of a lifetime! BUT GOD! BUT GOD! Last year, I took some of my inspirations and compiled them in the book below – Stacy’s Book of Religious Lyricism. You can find it on Amazon. If you choose to buy a copy, I pray that it will be a blessing to you.

My Book

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