I am in the process of moving which is hectic. I have this on my plate plus a full time job and trying to be there for my five children. I have been in transitional housing for six months which involved a program to help single parents get on their feet. I have had a long journey. Many disapproved of my decision but no one offered to get me out of debt, buy me a home or give me peace. I had to deal with my mistakes, forgive myself and move on.  I have suffered, cried, felt alone, been discouraged and have possessed fear. During this journey, I found myself and I found peace. Most importantly, I found God.

With the support of the people who work with otransitional housing, I finally found an affordable and decent place to live after being disappointed so many times. On the outside, I have little support. Many people have negative things to say about where I will be living. An offer of help to move hasn’t been seen from many who pretend to care. But I don’t see these people living in million dollar homes and in top notch neighborhoods so how dare they talk about what God has prepared for me? How dare they mock what God has given me? If God is in my midst, then they are mocking Him! May God have mercy on their souls.

If God gave me a shack, I would treat it as a mansion. If He gave me car on its last leg, I would treat the car like it was gold. I have learned that we have to be thankful for the small blessings and treat them with care so that He can bless us with greater things. I am starting a new life and I am starting from the bottom. With God, I will make it to the top. I know some days will be more trying than others. Each day won’t be peaches and cream. I know I have flaws but I put forth an effort each day to correct them. So people can mock and they can laugh but I know who I belong to. I belong to a God who forever provides and who Has been the best friend I could ever have. Lord, I praise you through the stress, frustration and turmoil. And I thank you for my new home. It may not be fancy but I will treat like it is. I give you all of my praise! I have faith that You are definitely in my midst.

Stacy L. Montgomery


2 thoughts on “GIVING HIM THE PRAISE

  1. In the quiet stillness of God’s embrace we are at peace. The things of this world, many or few, pale in comparison to God’s riches. You are blessed my sister to have a Heavenly Father that loves you. How much does God love us? All much.


  2. Wow Stacey, you write with such feelings, my life seem to have mirrored yours in some aspects, 2012, was a deadly year, satan tried everyting but I’m still here, hope by now, things are going your way, and life has made a shift for you, Godbless. X


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