Surrounded by its temptations
and riches, the world makes you wonder if you are are good enough.

The world may lead you on the roads that are smooth but will definitely leave you when the roads become rough.

The world may offer you happiness in bundles but wont comfort when you are filled with sorrow.

The world can come in and take your peace along with any hope you have for your tomorrow.

But I come to tell you that that there is someone who is greater than this world will ever be.

He has all of our best interests at heart and He truly cares for both you and me.

He never makes you wonder if you are good enough because His Word says you are that and more.

He is the pathway to that great life that we have all been searching for.

He gives love, comfort, hope for tomorrow and divine peace.

Just try God and you shall surely see.


Stacy L. Montgomery


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