Remember when my husband walked out and I was hanging my the end of the rope?

 Lord you stepped in, restored my peace and gave me hope.

  Remember those times when I was close to taking my own life?

 Lord you stepped in, gave me comfort and just held me tight.

  Remember when those so called friends scandalized my name in manners so cruel?

 Lord you stepped in with your revenge and made those so called friends my stepping stools.

  Remember when my finances were below the ground and the borrowing was available no more?

 Lord you stepped in and brought wisdom and many blessings through my door.

   Remember when stress began to affect my health and I began to rely on medication?

 Lord you stepped in as the Healer and stabilized my entire situation.

   Remember when you allowed me to go so deep into valley until I could only find You in order to get out?

 Lord you stepped in as a Guide and I am so thankful that I followed your route.



Stacy L. Montgomery


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