Isn’t beauty such a lovely thing…that is, if we treat it as a respectful possession? Some of us can get caught up in the glamour of today’s society. It’s a great thing to have the desire to look good. It goes wrong when we forget the ONE who truly made it all possible. It goes wrong when we look good on the outside but are rotten on the inside. True beauty lies within us. Our bodies represent the Temple of God; so why not make the inside a beautiful place? When its beauty on the inside, it can’t help but to show on the outside. You can wear all of the name brand clothing and shoes you want..the shiny jewelry…the best makeup…the nicest hairdo..but if your temple is a mess then guess what? We can cover it up for awhile but eventually that MESS will pour out to the outside. Our best outfit lies on the inside. Once we have that outfit looking beautiful, our outer appearance ties in uniquely! We can put on a TRUE smile and walk in the Word of God. Our swag will be so bright and tight causing the whole world to wear shades! So lets get dressed up on the inside as well as the outside. Be blessed.


Stacy L. Montgomery


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