Looking back, I can honestly say I have walked away from a chaotic way of living. I look back on all of the moments that God was speaking through me but I chose to live life the way I wanted to. I chose to do the things that I wanted to do. I chose to go to the places where I wanted me to go. I ignored what God was trying to tell me. I knew about God but I didn’t try Him for myself. So many times, I know that He was trying to redirect my life to better standards; but I refused to obey. I kept hitting turmoil over and over; however, God has a way of getting His words across. The chaotic lifestyle I was living became very confusing to me. The negativity I was taking in just didn’t make any sense to me anymore. I just couldn’t adapt to that lifestyle anymore. The more I tried, the more I became confused and exasperated. I then acknowledged that God’s work was being revealed. I acknowledged that He had stepped in. I attached to a more peaceful and disciplined lifestyle. I grouped with positive people who love the Lord. This lifestyle isn’t confusing. I belong in this type of lifestyle.

In Genesis 11 (The Tower of Babel), God had a plan for the descendants to multiply and scatter to different parts all over the earth, which meant they needed to scatter all over the earth. Genesis 9:1 states, “And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth.” The descendants of Noah went against God’s plan and decided to stick together and build a tower in Babel so that they could establish a name for themselves and to also prevent from being scattered all over the earth. At this time, there was only one language. When God seen this, He saw that as a unified group of people, much force was put to fulfill their purpose in building the tower. God confused their language and scatter them all over the earth. This story reflects upon my life due to the fact that when I was living the chaotic lifestyle, I was basically building my own tower. I was trying to fit in and be seen by those who had already been in that lifestyle forever. In that old lifestyle, I had some powerful pressure and wanted to just belong. God had already told me that I needed to grasp a better lifestyle but I just had to do things my way. God stepped in and simply confused things in the chaotic lifestyle. I was an outcast in that lifestyle. The more peaceful lifestyle was of clarity for me. I adapted well to being around true Christians and other positive people. I adapted well to being in more diplomatic environments. Now I can honestly say I should have listened to God a long time ago. I could have saved myself from some horrific experiences in life.

I desire to do all that God wants me to do. When God tells us to do something, we should obey. We should trust in Him and not work from our own will like the people of Babel. When we work against His Will, He is sure to show up and definitely put us where we He wants us to go. I am grateful that He came in and confused the “language of a chaotic lifestyle” and scattered me in the right direction. Thank you, Lord! Be encouraged.

Genesis 11:8 “So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.



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