The days that we play a part in can get quite difficult. The demands in a week can drain us. I love finding that quiet place where I can tell God all about my days. I love breaking away just to spend time with Him. On the way to pick up my kids from daycare, I find myself turning the radio off just to get that time with Him. People who pull up beside me kind of look at me crazy because I will literally be laughing out loud or crying. They see no cell phone or bluetooth! It doesn’t bother me because that is my time with God. I feel better when I get it all out rather it is good or bad. God is my best friend.

If you get overwhelmed, find a quiet place and tell God all about it. Once you do, embrace that light feeling He gives to you. As you release each burden, He picks it up and takes it away. If you are happy, share that joy with God. Once He hears how thankful you are, He gives you more to thankful for. GOD IS!! I have tried Him for myself and so should you!

James 4:8 “Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.”

Stacy L. Montgomery


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