Dear Lord,

Lord, I pray that you come in as a Doctor
And cause this pain and grief to decease.
I pray that you keep turning things around
And cause my happiness to increase.
You are a Healer so I give my heart to you –
A heart that has been broken into pieces.

I have faith in you, Lord, and sometimes –
It seems as though faith isn’t enough.
I know that’s the devil whispering in my ear
So please help me on this road that is so rough.
I don’t ask that you take the trials away
But help me to endure where it is so rough.

Stress seems to have my head in a twirl
Causing my body to feel very weak.
I pray, Lord, that you lift me up high
And supply strength and energy in heaps.
I feel like I am imprisoned by frustration
Lord, My Rescuer, please come and set me free.


help me lord


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